Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud eCommerce Integration
Web-Stor is amazing Sage 100 integration for your shopping cart. Give your customers the ultimate shopping experience and provide your company with smart, data-driven, efficient online sales.

Build a more efficient and effective sales pipeline.

Web-Stor provides you with the integration you need to capitalize on the promise of eCommerce. By giving your customers an unbeatable customer experience and cutting administrative costs dramatically, Web-Stor allows you to create happier customers and more efficient sales. Seamlessly sync critical information between your Sage 100cloud and eCommerce website in real-time or on an automated schedule. Behind every shopping cart there should be great back office integration. Web-Stor makes it happen.


Dramatically cuts down on costs by eliminating the time and labor of manual data entry between your systems. Do more with fewer resources.

Improve Customer Experience

Revolutionize your customer experience. Ship products faster, provide accurate stock levels, and offer comprehensive tracking information.

Customer Stickiness

Get customers coming back for more by offering a better all-round experience than your competitors.

"We turned to Web-Stor to take our e-commerce website to a new level, and we’re thrilled with the outcome! The Sage 100 integration is flawless. And because Kissinger provides all the details up front and in writing, you always know exactly what to expect. You won’t be disappointed!"
- Amanda Belleville, GSS Gear.
Key Features

Get what your business needs without paying for features your business doesn't. Web-Stor gives you more integration choices and flexibility than anything else on the market. Our experts can build an integration solution that perfectly fits your business and can grow with you as you thrive.

+ Flexible Integrations

Web-Stor provides a comprehensive set of integration points so that you always have the right data in the right place. Sync items, orders, inventory, customers, payments, shipping, and more.

+ Advanced Functionality

Web-Stor allows you to do business the way you need to. Much more than just a connector, Web-Stor integration empowers you to take advantage of advanced functionality like special pricing, alternative item numbers, even dynamic attributes in your web stores… virtually anything you can do with Sage 100cloud can be integrated with Web-Stor.

+ Carts & Platforms

Web-Stor offers integration with top eCommerce storefront platforms, including Magento, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. Please contact us about integration with other storefront options.
+ Live Data Syncing

Everything you need can be integrated across your systems in real-time or on a schedule, depending on the solution you require. Never hang customers out to dry with incorrect product listings or inventory levels.

Sage 100 functionality varies by eCommerce storefront.

The Hard Truth About eCommerce

The eCommerce market is about to hit the $3 Trillion mark in the U.S.A. alone. It is a huge part of the global economy and introduces a whole new revenue stream for many businesses. But with new opportunities come new challenges. Many businesses do not experience the promise of eCommerce as they struggle to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience and their margins shrink due to inefficient processes.

Get The Facts


were spent by businesses in 2017 to build eCommerce functionality into their websites.

Disruptive Advertising. Ecommerce Statistics to Consider. 2018

Get The Facts


of shoppers have stopped buying from an online store because of bad or slow service.

Smart Insights. 38 Indispensable E-commerce stats.

The Opportunity You're Missing

When eCommerce is integrated with your systems, it is one of the most effective tools any business can have. It allows you to sell more with blazing efficiency while giving your customers a fantastic buying experience (which gets them coming back for more!) Often administrative processes that take a dedicated employee hours to complete, will be completed instantly and automatically. Faster order fulfillment, accurate tracking data, and always-correct stock levels build a trusting relationship between you and your customers.

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