What Client Says About Us

"Using the SimplySell solution has enabled us to automatically integrate orders from Amazon Seller Central USA and Canada every two hours seamlessly, saving us a lot of time. We would be manually entering 700+ orders a week without it! The Kissinger support team is easy to work with for both our SimplySell and EDI Advantage solutions."
Nick G.
"Kissinger's EDI support team was incredibly helpful, as always, in resolving our issue. I cannot think of a time when they did not remedy an issue we were having or clearly answer a question we might have regarding EDI. I enjoy working with them and find them to be very knowledgeable."
Don Harling Jr. – Joseph Campione, LLC
“Web-Stor is the key to our Internet sales success! It’s all automated – Web-Stor replaced 10 manual processes in our Internet order entry workflow. We are so much more efficient. No one else provides a solution like this. Web-Stor is hands down the right choice and exactly what we needed. We literally set it and forget it: I haven’t touched it since we launched three months ago. It just works every day. Well worth the money!”
Kenneth Barlow, North American Arms, Inc.
“I’m a big fan! We turned to Web-Stor to take our e-commerce website to a new level, and we’re thrilled with the outcome! The Sage 100 integration is flawless. And because Kissinger provides all the details up front and in writing, you always know exactly what to expect. You won’t be disappointed!”
Amanda Belleville, GSS Gear
“We have to be able to satisfy the needs of our trading partners, and satisfy them quickly. EDI Advantage gives us the tools to make them happy every time.”
Pat V.
“EDI Advantage proved to be a very smart purchase. Our orders flow straight in and straight out--I love it!"
Sharon H.
“EDI Advantage is outstanding. It truly is a package that has everything going for it."
Lisa B.
“Kissinger’s support staff takes the time to listen to me and I always feel like they are happy to help me. Thanks to Kissinger, our company is operating better than ever!"
Denine P.