Customer Support Reviews

"Just want to express my appreciation for [our Kissinger technicians]. My troubleshooting experiences with both of them have been so helpful and informative. They are both a pleasure to work with. Thank you." -T. Maluzhinsky

"[Our Kissinger technician] quickly walked me through the steps to resolution. She made it EASY! Thank you." -V. Holm

"The support has been really good. [Our Kissinger technician] can always help us and answer any question we have. He is great and always prompt to return our calls. He gets it right the first time. He is awesome." -D. McIntosh

"[Our Kissinger technician] is wonderfulcourteous, and totally knowledgeable. We have no problems with Kissinger. Everyone works hard to find my answer. The support team is very innovative. We get good support from you." -C. Egan

"Kissinger's service lately is as great as it usually is. [Our Kissinger technician] is very helpful. He knows his stuff inside and out. He's quick, professional, and gets the job done." -J. Lovetto

"[I am] very pleased with your service. [Kissinger consultants] have been terrific with helping us." -T. Buroojy

"Thanks again! We were in a pickle; [our Kissinger technician] was able to help us and our employees with direct deposit (98% of our employees) received their pay on time!" -P. Oldberg

"No complaints. Great support." -P. Davis

"Anytime [our Kissinger consultant] helps me I am more than satisfied." -J. Cavanaugh

"I like everyone I deal with there. They are very responsive. A good organization." -P. Shuck

"Support couldn't have been better. It was a quick fix that saved my day." -D. Evans

"[The Kissinger technician we use most] is a tremendous help. He's been super to us. He always has an answer to my questions. He gets back to me right away and is very good about keeping me informed about the status of my issue. The other technician we use is polite and eager to help us. If one of them can't answer the question, the other one can." -C. Mitchell

"The support is wonderful. [Our Kissinger technician] is the best. He is extremely patient. Other technicians we have worked with there are also very good. They go above and beyond in helping me. My boss and I both agree that we stand behind the superb service that Kissinger gives. The technicians have always gone out of their way to make me feel that any problems that we have they can resolve. That is piece of mind!!! I really appreciate the technicians...they do an outstanding job!" -S. Weinberg

"[Our Kissinger technicians] are excellent. They do a great job. I am very pleased with our service." -K. Zawrazky

"We love Kissinger: We have always been 100% satisfied with Kissinger. The service we have received in the past ten years is unsurpassed by others." -K. Angell

"[Our Kissinger technician] is very good in his knowledge of our product and always keeps in touch with me as he is working through a problem. I am very pleased with the timely resolution of our support issues." -C. Jorgensen

"Kissinger has a very knowledgeable staff with lots of [Sage 100 Advanced ERP] expertise. We are very satisfied with the service we receive from Kissinger." -D. Hudzinski

"Our conversion and implementation was very smooth, and caused little disruption in our day to day operations. We were able to retain the desired information that we needed from our Peachtree system. We would strongly recommend Kissinger and [Sage 100 Standard ERP] to anyone in need of an accounting system and support." -M. Reber

"Your consultant is very thorough and has been a great help to me. He goes out of his way to make me feel he really cares about my problem." -A. Prior

"Kissinger's tech support team responds immediately when we call. They provide a solution as if it was an emergency! That service is the key to our success." - T. Bernard

"As support goes, you are one of our most reliable contracts. We have had very good experiences with all of your support staff." -G. Ruiz

"I give you a five-star rating." -F. Li

"You always make us feel like we are your only client! As far as I am concerned, Kissinger is one of our best vendors-and this isn't just because we love our consultant so much! It's because the whole team is excellent and we are extremely pleased with Kissinger!" -N. Quesada

"Kissinger's support staff takes the time to listen to me and I always feel like they are happy to help me. Thanks to Kissinger, our company is operating better than ever!" - D. Petrancosta

"I have to tell you what a great team you have there at your company. We deal with the technical support departments at numerous software companies and Kissinger Associates is the best. The WebTrack support and web-based capabilities are also awesome!" - T. Bryks

"As always, Kissinger continues to make the technical support process simple and reliable! Way excellent response time and solution on this! Thank you!" -J. Nori

"We have always received great technical support." -K. Caloca

"The best support team I have ever worked with. Even the system that logs all the items is great. Extremely professional." - P. Campagna

"I continue to think that Kissinger has excellent support. Accuracy in answers and speed in getting those answers to a customer is paramount to a great support department and in my experience this is the level of service I get from Kissinger support. " - D. Weideman

"Many thanks to you and your staff for the time and effort in helping me. Your consultants are super! It's a comforting feeling to know that you guys are there when needed. I wish every software company I deal with had a support division as responsive as Kissinger!" -D. Dorsey

"I am very pleased with the support I have received from your company. I have dealt with Technical Support departments many times for personal as well as business issues. The help I have gotten from your company is by far the best and most timely out of them all!" -J. Hill

"[Kissinger's consultant] was extremely helpful. He was persistent in determining the cause of the problem as well as in correcting it. [He was] very personable and courteous to deal with and he provided clear explanations." -C. Ehrig

Unlimited Support Plans

For Kissinger Solutions

Kissinger’s Unlimited Support Plans are prepaid annual agreements that entitle you to an unlimited number of complimentary initial issue sessions with a Kissinger technical support analyst.

For more information about support plans and pricing, please contact Kissinger at 1-800-562-5456 or