Web-Stor | Sage 100cloud eCommerce Integration

Capitalize on the promise of eCommerce

Create customer happiness with the best online buying experience and watch your sales and profit grow with real-time synchronization and automation designed for performance, convenience, and value.

Automated in 30 days

Get up and running quickly at a great price with the Web-Stor FastTrack system

Bring the strengths of Sage 100 to your storefront

Integrate with best-of-breed eCommerce platforms

Create the best buying experience for customers

Struggling with any of these eCommerce problems?

Losing sales and warehousing stagnant inventory because you don't have an easy way for online shoppers to browse and order products

Potential buyers can’t see their specific pricing or discounts, order and pay online, or pay historic invoices online

Profits are being eroded by extra labor costs, time delays, and data entry errors because your web orders aren't integrated into your ERP system

Processing too many product returns and replacements caused by data entry errors when web orders are manually entered into the ERP system

ERP system and website inventory quantities don't match, causing customers to order products that aren't available. 

Customers are frustrated and dissatisfied by order processing delays and incorrect shipments

Web-Stor solves Sage 100 eCommerce automation.

Using Web-Stor is like giving your customers 24/7 access to a salesperson who can provide product details, check inventory, offer special pricing, calculate taxes and shipping, take orders, process payments, and track order status.


Web-Stor helps you leverage your ERP investment by conveying more Sage 100 features for your customers—as well as integration with world-class eCommerce storefronts—to provide the least amount of limitation and overhead. Give your customers an outstanding shopping experience and create an important competitive advantage for your business. Web-Stor is the best value  in Sage 100 eCommerce integration. 

Customers have access to accurate, real-time product details, stock levels, customer pricing, shipping and payment options, and more

Customers see their specific Sage 100 pricing and payment options, can pay invoices from Sage 100 Invoice History, and can use a quick order format for fast, repeat ordering

Web orders are automatically synced in real-time as Sage 100 sales orders without any manual data entry errors or delays

Web order automation increases customer satisfaction and decreases order processing costs

Customers love the convenience and you get paid faster with integrated credit card payment processing

Combines the power of Sage 100 distribution features with world-class storefront capabilities to help you grow your sales, inventory velocity, and profit

Web-Stor is designed for performance, convenience, & value.

Smart engineering for your peace of mind


When we designed Web-Stor, we set out to give our customers a powerful solution built for adaptable usability; we didn’t want to build another simple web connector.


You need a web integration solution that adapts to your unique opportunities for exploiting the markets you serve. Web-Stor performs, no matter what your web integration requirements: it’s the most adaptable web integration solution for Sage 100. Web-Stor gives you more power, more flexibility, and more control.

Built for speed, and your convenience


Web-Stor is designed to maximize efficiency: from daily use to maintenance to support, the system’s architecture is built for speed and designed for convenience. 


  • Real-time, bi-directional integration
  • Efficient system maintenance enabled by map-based architecture
  • Easy-to-understand data relationships for fast, effective troubleshooting of support issues 
  • Highly reliable uptime performance and centralized system health monitoring for proactive issue resolution (coming soon)
  • User dashboard provides at-a-glance system status and event notifications (coming soon)

Best Sage 100 eCommerce integration value


We believe Web-Stor gives you the best value because it offers a lower total cost of ownership while delivering the strongest set of features and capabilities, without bogging you down in unnecessary (and costly) maintenance complexity.


  • Conveys more Sage 100cloud features and capabilities to your eCommerce sites
  • Syncs Sage 100 with best-of-breed eCommerce platforms known for large user bases, in-demand features, R&D investments, and support resources
  • Delivers real-time order and inventory automation and the best buying environment for your customers

"Web-Stor is the key to our Internet sales success!"

“Web-Stor is the key to our Internet sales success! It’s all automated – Web-Stor replaced 10 manual processes in our Internet order entry workflow. We are so much more efficient. No one else provides a solution like this. Web-Stor is hands down the right choice and exactly what we needed.”


Kenneth Barlow, North American Arms, Inc.

We recommend: Web-Stor for PrestaShop

Choice of B2C or B2B feature set

Real-time, bi-directional integration

Unlimited transactions

24/7 sync integrity

Flexible and scalable

Choose the integration features you need for B2C and/or B2B:

  • Web orders synced from PrestaShop to Sage 100 sales orders​​
  • Products and quantities synced from Sage 100 to PrestaShop ​
  • Sage 100 item pricing hierarchy integration with PrestaShop ​or Sage 100 suggested retail price synced to PrestaShop​
  • Web customers synced to a single Sage 100 web customer account (B2C) or Sage 100 Accounts Receivable customer account synced with PrestaShop (B2B)
  • Credit card payments synced from PrestaShop to Sage 100 through integration with Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) and American Payment Solutions (APS)
  • Logged in customer option to purchase on account with cash receipts integration​
  • Control which Sage 100 inventory items are displayed in PrestaShop​
  • Sage 100 product matrix integration (for product variants like sizes, colors, etc.)
  • Order status and tracking integration
  • Sage 100 Invoice History synced with PrestaShop
  • Quick order interface for easy item re-ordering
  • Sage Sales Tax (Avatax) integration
  • Multi-Company integration
  • Multi-Warehouse integration

Works with popular applications including:

Already selling online?

Web-Stor provides flexible, adaptable integration for many kinds of web integration applications, including integration with storefronts like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, WooCommerce and others, including your custom storefront. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can grow your online sales, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line profit with Web-Stor.

Get automated quickly at a great price

Up and running in 30 days* | Web-Stor FastTrack system

FastTrack your Automation


Per month, billed annually
or $549 per month, billed monthly,
with one year commitment.

Choice of B2C or B2B feature set
Real-time, bi-directional integration
Unlimited transactions
24/7 synchronization integrity
Flexible and scalable

B2C FastTrack

Automation for:


**Tracking number sync included for Prestashop. Available for WooCommerce with additional fee.

B2B FastTrack

Automation for:


Includes installation, implementation, training, maintenance, and support of the Web-Stor system for one Sage 100 company (on Sage 100 2018 or later) and a single storefront. Customer is responsible for purchasing hosting from Pair Networks for the Web-Stor system. We recommend the VPS Starter II plan for most customers.  The Web-Stor FastTrack system does not include the storefront or front-end storefront development.

*30 day timeframe requires on-time completion of customer responsibilities as stated in purchase documents. Contact us for details.

Have your own back-end web developer? Using a different storefront or cart?

No problem! Let's talk about your needs, options, and pricing. Contact us today.

"The Sage 100 integration is flawless."

“We turned to Web-Stor to take our e-commerce website to a new level, and we’re thrilled with the outcome! The Sage 100 integration is flawless. And because Kissinger provides all the details up front and in writing, you always know exactly what to expect. You won’t be disappointed!


 Amanda Belleville, Technology Support Manager

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