EDI Documents by Module

EDI Advantage is a modular solution, so you can choose only what you need today and know the rest is there for you if you need it in the future.

Document Partner

Document Partner with Document Express provides powerful translation and communications functions for your EDI Advantage system.

Skip the VAN Fees with Free AS2 and FTP Transactions

EDI Advantage is compatible with AS2 and FTP direct communications. So when your trading partners offer the option to use AS2 or FTP (as many do), you can bypass the VAN and the VAN fees.

Sales Partner

Automatically integrates EDI purchase orders received from trading partners and produces EDI invoices to send back as a result of standard Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud processing steps.


Used by suppliers to large retailers, big box stores, ecommerce merchants, and grocery stores.

Inbound EDI Documents:

850 - Purchase Orders
875 - Grocery Purchase Orders

754 - Routing Instructions
816 - Store Lists
852 - Product Activity Data
860 - PO Change Request
862 - Ship Schedules

Outbound EDI Documents:

810 - Invoice
880 - Grocery Invoice

753 - Routing Request
832 - Price/Sales Catalog
846 - Inventory Advice
855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment
865 - PO Change Acknowledgment
870 - Order Status Report

ASN Partner

Complex ASNs are difficult for most solution to automate. EDI Advantage provides sophisticated Advance Ship Notice (ASN) and compliance label automation, saving you from time-consuming, error-prone, and redundant manual data entry.


Used by suppliers to large retailers, big box stores, and grocery stores.

Outbound EDI Documents:

856 - Advance Ship Notice (ASN)

GS1-128 Compliance Label

ASN Packing Slips
(Branded packing slips available)

Purchasing Partner

Automates the EDI purchasing cycle for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud users who are purchasing goods or raw materials from suppliers. Automatically generates EDI purchase orders and integrates EDI invoices sent by trading partners.

Inbound EDI Documents:

810 - Invoice
880 - Grocery Invoice

Outbound EDI Documents:

850 - Purchase Order
875 - Grocery Purchase Order

Warehouse Partner

Automates exchange of transactions with EDI-enabled warehouse locations, whether company-owned or operated by a third party (3PL).

Inbound EDI Document:

945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

Outbound EDI Document:

940 - Warehouse Shipping Order

Mapping Partner

Provides the ability to modify trading partner maps. Add processing features to maps or adjust mapping to respond to trading partner requests.

Contact us for more information on Mapping Partner.

“We have to be able to satisfy the needs of our trading partners and satisfy them quickly. EDI Advantage gives us the tools to make them happy every time."

- Pat V., EDI Advantage user