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Integrated EDI

Supercharge Processing Time and Eliminate Overhead Costs

EDI Advantage™ is the market leading EDI integration solution and the reason for that is no secret: EDI Advantage gives you the most tools to reduce your document processing time while automating procedures that dramatically lower your overhead costs.

Cut Costs

Eliminate the time and labor of manual data entry while reaping the benefits of cost saving features like free transactions and built-in translation.

Get Compliant

EDI is a base requirement to start trading with almost all large retailers. EDI Advantage gets you compliant and trading with them immediately.

Process Documents Faster

EDI Advantage puts robust automation tools at your fingertips. Cut hours of document processing down to mere seconds with our easy-to-use automation tools.

“EDI Advantage proved to be a very smart purchase. Our orders flow straight in and straight out--I love it!"
- Sharon H.
Key Features
+ Rich Sage 100 Integration
Completely integrated with Sage 100, EDI Advantage lives right in your module folders. Select the modules you need and they display like they were built-in all along.
+ Built-in Translation
We built the industry’s most robust translator right into EDI Advantage. There is no need to fumble around with 3rd party translators or pay extra fees for these services.
+ Free Transactions
EDI Advantage is compatible with AS2 and direct FTP connections. So when your trading partners offer the option to use AS2 or direct FTP (as many do), you can bypass the VAN, and the VAN fees.
+ Trading Partners

EDI Advantage enables you to do business with virtually any trading partner. And if you don't find your specific partner on our list, we're always happy to add new ones. See our ever growing list of trading partners at www.kissingersolutions.com/trading-partners/

+ Supported Documents

EDI Advantage can process a wide array of documents allowing you many options to communicate with retailers both large and small.

Purchase Orders
Inbound: 850 (Purchase Orders) 875 (Grocery Purchase Orders) 816 (Store Lists) 852 (Product Activity Data) 860 (PO Change Request) 862 (Ship Schedules) 754 (Routing Instructions)

Outbound: 850 (Purchase Orders) 875 (Grocery Purchase Orders)

Inbound: 810 (Invoices) 880 (Grocery Invoices)

Outbound: 810 (Invoices) 880 (Grocery Invoices) 855 (PO Acknowledgements) 870 (Order Status Report) 846 (Inventory Advice) 753 (Routing Requests) 865 (PO Change Acknowledgements) 832 (Price Catalogs)

Adv. Ship Notices
Outbound: 856 (Advanced Ship Notices) ASN Packing Slips (Branded slips available)

SSCC Labels

Warehouse Shipping Advice and Orders
Inbound: 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice)
Outbound: 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order)

+ Control Your Own Maps

Don't you wish you could be in control of creating and maintaining your own maps? Well, with EDI Advantage you can! With the Mapping Partner module, you control your mapping destiny, reducing the map customization and maintenance costs associated with other EDI solutions.

The Hard Truth About EDI

EDI is by far the most established, most ubiquitous, and most powerful tool companies can use to communicate business documents. EDI is a base requirement to start trading with almost all large retailers in the world and when EDI is used correctly, it can empower your company to grow faster than you ever thought possible. So then why are so many companies struggling to reach EDI's full potential? Millions are spent implementing EDI solutions that fail to meet expectations. Ultimately, businesses often find that document processing is too slow and that it is too costly to employ staff to manage their new EDI solution.

Get The Facts


per year is the average cost of managing manual EDI solutions.

PMG360. How Much Does an EDI Transaction Cost.

Get The Facts


cost reduction when transmitting payments/invoices with EDI.

Controlling Costs. Reduce Costs with EDI.

The Opportunity You're Missing

They key to reaping the rewards of EDI is to integrate it with your ERP system. With an integrated EDI solution, you can supercharge processing time and most importantly, eliminate the overhead costs of processing and entering orders. Forget employing staff to hand-enter orders and upload CSV files. With an integrated EDI solution, you can automate most, if not all, of the manual steps in the process.

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