More Features.

Seamless Integration.

With EDI Advantage™, you get the most feature rich EDI solution in the easiest to use package.

All in Sage 100

Completely integrated with Sage 100, EDI Advantage lives right in your module folders. Select the modules you need and they display like they were built-in all along.

Built-in Translator

We built the industry’s most robust translator right into EDI Advantage. There is no need to fumble around with 3rd party translators or pay extra fees for these services.

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Free Transactions

EDI Advantage is compatible with AS2 and direct FTP connections.  So when your trading partners offer the option to use AS2 or direct FTP (as many do), you can bypass the VAN, and the VAN fees.

Hands-Free Mode

Not enough hours in the day? EDI Advantage can automatically initiate and perform inbound and outbound integration. No human interaction necessary, saving time and removing the risk for human error.

Control of your maps

Don't you wish you could be in control of creating and maintaining your own maps? Well, with EDI Advantage you can! With the Mapping Partner module, you control your mapping destiny, finally cutting the map customization and maintenance costs associated with other EDI solutions.

Trading Partners

EDI Advantage enables you to do business with an unmatched lineup of trading partners. And if you do happen to find one not on our list, we haven't met a trading partner yet that EDI Advantage can't comply with.