eCommerce Websites

for Sage 100 & 100c

Sage 100 + Web-Stor® = Your integrated eCommerce website

In-Depth Sage 100 Integration

Web-Stor was built from the ground up for Sage 100 and integrates seamlessly. As developers with a long history of integrating Sage with all kinds of systems and environments, we have the insights and know-how to bring the Sage 100 features and processes you rely on to your online world, and to integrate online activity into your Sage 100 system. And we can do it efficiently and effectively because it’s what we’re all about.

Unmatched Cart Flexibility

Web-Stor integrates an unmatched number of eCommerce shopping carts or storefront environments with Sage 100. Finally have the flexibility to use the cart that best fits your business!

Forward Thinking Design
If there’s one thing you can count on when you’re moving systems to the web, it’s change. Things change rapidly and the speed of change is increasing all the time. Because we know it’s impossible for you to anticipate what Sage 100 feature integration you might need in the future, we’ve done the heavy lifting in advance and included automated integration for every associated field in the integrated Sage 100 business objects. When the time comes, the developer working on your future integration requirements will have everything at his or her fingertips to add the functionality you need.
Real-Time Integration

When a data event happens, the integration occurs. Other solutions may use slower polling methods or delayed batch processing. Your website users see real-time information from your Sage 100 system, and your Sage 100 users know about website transactions when they happen.

We’re Sage 100 Experts

We go way back with Sage. Back to 1989, in fact. You won’t find anyone with more experience or more Sage 100 expertise. We don’t just dabble in it. We live it and breathe it and our customers are oh-so-glad we do.

4D Process

We believe a comprehensive, orderly process that identifies your strategic goals and keeps them in clear focus while your site is being designed and developed is the best way to ensure success. Our process safeguards your investment and keeps the project on track and aligned with your goals.

Web-Stor Dashboard

See it all in one place with the Web-Stor Dashboard. Take the pulse of all of your connections, see the most recent activity, and monitor activity status at a glance. Control it all from one page, and drill down for more details as needed.

Open Source. Flexible Hosting.
We use open source solutions whenever we can to give you more flexibility and control over your future. Other providers may exclusively use proprietary, closed systems and require you to pay monthly hosting fees and engage them for services when changes are needed. Our open source solutions give you options so you have the freedom you deserve.
Mobile-Optimized Websites
Responsive web design isn’t just an emerging trend, it’s a prerequisite. Your site visitors expect to see a great-looking site whether they are using their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Web-Stor solutions help you showcase your products and services for every display size, so your brands stay relevant and visible. Ensure a great experience, no matter how they got there.

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